3 Creative Ways To Present Wrap

For years now, I have loved wrapping presents. I don’t even know why; I just find it so satisfying. I don’t know if that makes me weird, but even if it does, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who also love it. So I have come up with three creative ways to present wrap for even those who don’t like to wrap presents quite as much as some!
Money sweetie jar
I can’t take full credit for this idea because I found it on Pinterest, but it was such a good idea I felt I had to share it with you! I have often had the problem, when people have asked for money for their birthday, so I just put it in with the card and give it to them. But I can’t help but feel like I haven’t put enough effort into it (that might just be me though). However, this is a super easy and cool way to get around it.
All you have to do is, find an empty jam jar and toilet paper.
Then put the middle of the toilet roll in the centre of the jar and put the money you are giving in the tube. Then fill the bit outside the tube with sweets so you can no longer see the roll. (I used 2 share bags of Skittles).
Put the lid on and watch the surprise on their faces when they see the money inside! 

Skittles are a good option for teenagers, M&Ms or boiled sweets would be good for adults. 

Potato stamp wrapping paper
I think it’s fair to say, everyone has tried potato stamping at some point in their life. Well, I decided to resurrect the art and turn it into something actually pretty cool! This is quite time consuming but very fun and effective if you have the time to spare. This is also a great idea if you only have boring parcel paper that you want to make more interesting.
First, slice a potato in half and cut the shape you want to stamp out with a cookie cutter.
Next squirt out some acrylic paint and apply a thin layer to the best side of the potato.
Then stamp away! (if you have less time, don’t stamp so close together so you cover more area quicker).
Then leave to dry and wrap your presents as normal.
Polaroid tag
This is the simplest idea out of the three of them but, I think, still very effective. If you want to make your wrapping more personal, you could add a polaroid to it. This works especially well at Christmas, when you have lots of presents to give, you can use a photo that you like of the two of you instead of tags with names on.
First, wrap the present with plain wrapping paper and then add ribbon (if you don’t know how to do this, go here http://www.containerstore.com/experthelp/tips/gorgeousGiftPresentation-HowToTieARibbonAroundABox.html).
*to make a polaroid, print out the photo you want and cut it out with a narrow border on three sides and a wider one on the bottom edge of a polaroid*
Then slide the polaroid under the bow. 

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