I’m back!

Sooo, I’m back!! It’s been 5 months since my last post and a few things have happened since then so I thought, before I get back into my usual posts, I would just do a quick update! 

Most of February and March were consumed by textiles coursework which was very stressful but also so much fun to do! I ended up with 16 pages of written work and an underwater themed cot bumper which I know is a bit random but I was so happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately, I can’t take textiles A-level as it isn’t offered by my school but I am so happy I was able to take it for GCSE because I really did enjoy it! 

At the end of March was my eye surgery which is something I didn’t mention on here was going to happen because it was all quite last minute. I won’t go into details because it’s quite boring but basically, my eyes are quite weak and are losing their shape so I have to have a simple surgery on each eye to prevent it from getting worse. I had my left eye done in March which I was soo scared about but after finding out it was under general anaesthetic I was literally fine! It went very well and I recovered super quickly so now I just want to get my other one done soon so I can finally get some glasses that actually work!! On the downside, I dropped my phone in one of the hospital toilets so it’s now superrr messed up which was stupid but not the end of the world.

Oh I also got my seconds and thirds pierced in my ears which I am super happy with because it’s something that I’ve wanted to get done for sooo long but I’ve only been able to get it done recently. I also want to get my helix done now but I’m too scared which I know it’s so stupid but I’ve never had my cartilage pierced before I know it hurts more than your lobe. I’m sure I will at some point but at the moment I’m happy with what I’ve got!

Skipping forward to May now, the 12th was my last day of year 11 before exams started. It was such a fun day celebrating with all my friends, thanking and saying goodbye to teachers we won’t have next year. Most of the people in my year are staying on at our school for 6th form so it wasn’t a very emotional day but it was still weird saying goodbye to subjects we’re dropping and our horrible uniform! 

Next was a whole month of GCSE exams which were the main reason for my blogging break – so I could spend more time focusing on school. A week ago on Friday was my last exam and I was so relieved that I managed to get through all 20 of them and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I think the build up was actually much worse than the actual exams – once I got going it wasn’t really that bad, just a lot of 5am mornings! I’ve been on summer for a week so far and I’ve had the best time chilling out with friends and going to the beach most days.

On Tuesday I have my prom which should be fun – I’ve got my dress which I love so so much and will be showing you in a blog post soon. Then on Wednesday me and my family are heading up to London to see Adele in concert which is absolute madness and I still can’t believe I am going to be lucky enough to see her!! Then the day after that, I’m flying to Mallorca for a week in the sun, so I really am going to have the best 2 weeks ever! 

Now that I’m back, I would love to focus my posts more on fashion and lifestyle and whatever you guys want to see from me! I’m also going to be posting on my Instagram and Twitter a lot more now so I’m @paisleyinprint on both if you want to come and say hello!


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  1. Christine Matthews June 26, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Brilliant blog Libby. Really enjoyed the read. Have a brilliant Prom, enjoy the concert (so jealous!) and have a fantastic holiday! See you soon! Grandma xxx

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