Behind The Scenes: Kite Clothing Photoshoot SS16

How did I get into it?

When I first considered a career in fashion, a couple years ago, I did my research and got really excited and wanted to get started straight away. But then I remembered I was twelve and there were no jobs I could do for at least another four years. However, I spotted an opportunity a few months after I met my best friend Polly, when I found out that her parents owned a kids clothing company called Kite Clothing. Several weeks later, I mustered up the courage to ask Jo, Polly’s mum, if I could come along to the next shoot. I have been lucky enough to go to every shoot since that one helping out with whatever I can; dressing the children, doing their hair, organising clothes rails, keeping the children entertained and whatever needs doing really!

photo 2Having photos with a horse in a beautiful bluebell wood


What is Kite Clothing?

Kite clothing is a planet-friendly clothing brand for children from 0-11 years old. All of their designs are inspired by beautiful sandy beaches, the Jurassic Coast and nature in Dorset. All of the clothes are made using either organic cotton or recycled polyester (which is made from recycled plastic bottles!). The quality of their clothes is amazing and the fabrics feel beautifully soft.


Eleanor helping Nancy to make friends with the chicken.


Where and when was the shoot?

The SS16 photo shoot was at a lovely glamping site in Blandford called Mount Pleasant Farm. We were so lucky with the weather because the sun shone all day on both days (the photoshoots go on all weekend) and it was relatively warm.

Mount Pleasant Farm –

These photos are actually from this time last year because the photos have to be taken a year in advance, that is why I look so young and still have a block fringe. When this post goes up, we will recently have done the SS17 shoot.


Billie looking happy to be wearing a pretty summer dress.


How it works

As cheesy as it sounds, the whole thing really is a fine balance of work and play. On the one hand, Kite is a business and they only have a certain amount of time to get the shots they need. But on the other hand, the models are only young and most of them have never done any modeling before. Jo works magic coordinating everything and making sure the day runs smoothly whilst also making sure the kids are having fun. The children are all around seven and often despite wanting to get involved in the first place they can be daunted by the reality of a photo shoot. So Jo has the sometimes tricky job of getting them to relax and have fun. She sometimes goes to hilarious lengths to get their laughs out, doing animal impressions and pulling funny faces. But while she is doing this, she also has to make sure the clothes are looking ‘photo perfect’. No wrinkles, caught up hems or sleeves covering hands are allowed!


Jo trying to get some laughs out of the lovely girl models.


What I’ve learnt

I have learnt so much from being at these photo shoots and I’m sure I learn something new every time I go. I think the biggest thing that will stick with me is that it is not easy to have a clothing company. It takes a lot of people and hard work to make it succeed, but it is also so rewarding. Despite being shattered at the end of the weekend, it is so exciting a few weeks later when I get a copy of the brochure and I see the results of our hard work!


Some of the team, after a very long weekend.



Billie and Nancy playing with Steve the photographer.



Ellie, Oscar and Evie drinking milk for the apron shot.



Jack saying hello to a little lamb.



Ellie, Evie and Billie getting to know the horse before having photos with him.



Steve helping to get the farm photo ready.



Jaspar and Jack enjoying a wheelbarrow trip around the farm.



Oliver looking very cute and giggly.



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