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A few years ago, when I had my bedroom decorated, I went for a beautiful pink floral wall paper, subtle green walls and filled my room with vintage furniture. I loved it (and I still do now)! But there was one problem, my desk. It was a plain old flat-pack Ikea desk that was nothing more than four legs and a table top. I spotted an opportunity to make it more interesting and give me fashion inspiration by covering its surface with a fashion collage. Today I am sharing with you how I achieved it!

First things first, you need to dig up your magazine collection and get your scissors out. Go through the magazines and cut out outfits, shoes, handbags and anything that inspires you. Try and get a variety of size to keep it interesting.
I recommend you do this over time and collect them as you go so you don’t end up sitting there for hours cutting things out!
Every now and then, lay your cuttings out so you can keep track of how much more you need to do.
Once you’ve got enough cuttings to cover the area of your surface, clear it off and give it a good clean.
I wanted to give my desk a lighter look so I covered it with leftover wallpaper.
Now it’s time to start laying out your cuttings, start by evenly distributing the larger of your pieces.
After that, fill the gaps with the smaller cuttings.
All you need to do now is place your glass or film on the top and there you have it, your very own fashion inspiration and an amazing desk! I went to a specialist shop and got a slab of glass made for my desk. Some desks come with a glass top but if yours doesn’t and you don’t want to get glass, you could cover it with a strong plastic film.
* When I first did this project, I found a great way to store my handbags was to attach door handles to the side!

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