July Favourites

One of my favourite blog posts to read is ‘Monthly Favourites’, so I thought it was about time I wrote my own version and show you some of my favourite things from July. For me, the month began lying around a pool in Mallorca but it couldn’t last forever and when I came back to England I was met with the madness of the last couple weeks of school. Everybody knows how busy the last days before summer are, but for me they were made even busier by the fact that I had a load of work to catch up on after having two weeks off. But I managed to catch up quite quickly though and we had a great last week of watching films, playing games and winding down. I know it sounds like I’m in first school but I’m in year ten, promise 😉 After that, my summer holidays began and I enjoyed my first week or so of relaxing and going to the beach.


– Body butter

I have always had very dry and sensitive skin and have had eczema for as long as I can remember but I’m sure I don’t manage it as well as I could. I use my prescribed creams as much as I should do but I’m not very good at moisturising so I decided to try and do it daily. I’ve done pretty well so far and I have been using this amazing moisturiser from Superdrug. I love that its really thick and creamy and has a lovely shea butter scent and seems to be working well so far.IMG_9171 edit


– Body Fantasies Perfume Body Spray

These are the nicest smelling body sprays I’ve tried so far! I find that most have quite a weak scent and smell quite artificial but these ones have a very strong smell and they last all day. (Thank you so much to Body Fantasies for sending me these.)IMG_9179 edit


– Clinique Colour Pop Lipstick

I got this lipstick a few weeks back and I have basically been wearing it every day since. It’s a lovely pinky nude colour with a really nice creamy formula. It doesn’t stay on all day but I only have to reapply it a couple of times after eating and it seems to fade very evenly.IMG_9188 edit


– Kate Moss Sculpting Palette

Before I got this trio, I hadn’t done any contouring before so when I got this it was my first go at it. I don’t really have anything to compare it to but the contouring colour seems to work really well with my skin colour and applies very well. I also really like the blush and highlight shades and it all works well together, I’m very impressed! IMG_9195 edit


– Cute squid phone case

I got my phone just over a month ago and initially just got a clear case but when I saw this one I instantly fell in love. All of the Skinny Dip designs are so cute but this one is my favourite, I think it was the pink sparkles that convinced me!IMG_9199 edit


– Tanya Bakes

I had a voucher for Whsmiths and I knew I wanted to get a new baking book but when I was looking, I couldn’t find any that looked that nice. But then I remembered that Tanya Burr had recently released a cook book and I had a quick flick through the pages and when I saw that most of the recipes were chocolate, I knew I would get a lot of use out of it. I have already made about five of the things in there and they all turned out very well!IMG_9204 edit


– Hoop earrings

Ever since I got my ears pierced a few years ago, I have liked wearing hoops but I loved them particularly last month. I can’t wear them to school so I usually only get to wear them at the weekends but since we’ve broken up from school, I’ve been wearing them every day.IMG_9333 edit


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