My Prom Day 2017

On the 27th June I had my year 11 prom at Compton Acres and it was amazing. It was, perhaps, not everything I was dreaming of since I was young, but that’s okay because what I wanted when I was 10 is different to what I want now. I got ready at my friend’s house then went to a pre-prom at another friend’s house. We then drove over to Compton acres which was a great location for our prom because of the beautiful garden which is a great backdrop for photos. It was a really good night of dancing and photo taking with friends and it was so weird to see everyone dressed up in dresses and suits but it was a great way to celebrate the end of exams! Picking my outfit for prom was one of the best parts and was a lot more stressful than I thought it was going to be! So I thought I would do a break-down of my outfit in case any of you are interested or are looking for some inspiration for a wedding or maybe even your prom next year!

The dress

Finding my dress was obviously the most exciting part of the lead up to prom and what everyone was talking about for months before the actual day. When I first started looking, I had literally no idea what I was looking for so I spent hours scrolling though pages and pages of dresses on Asos. I found a few which I liked and decided to go ahead and order my favourite. When it arrived, it was nothing like what it looked like on the website and didn’t fit at all. After that I went back to square one and was so confused about what I was looking for. For the last few years, I’ve been obsessed with the designer Self-Portrait but it’s really quite expensive and I had kind of accepted the fact that I wouldn’t ever own one of their dresses until I was much older. Nevertheless, I decided to have a quick look at what they had and I found my dress which was half price and in my budget! When it arrived, I was so excited and loved it – I just couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to own a Self-Portrait dress so young! It is such amazing quality and the applique on the mesh was made so well and had the most amazing colours in it. It fit me really well – I just had to have the bottom taken up a bit because I’m quite short! I loved wearing the dress and I got so many compliments on the night – I’m so happy with my choice and I wouldn’t change it if I could. (Big thank you to my parents for getting my dress for me!)

The dress is sold out everywhere but you can shop other Self-Portrait items here:


I tried lots of different hair styles: curls, braids, all up, all down, half-up-half-down and in the end I decided to go for simple straight hair because I didn’t want to risk it going wrong on the day and I knew it was a hairstyle I liked. I had it cut into a graduated bob so it was shorter at the back and longer at the front – giving it more shape and making it look more put together.


I definitely wanted to keep my makeup simple and do it myself as I wanted to look natural in my photos but I still wanted to look airbrushed so I went for a high coverage base and a simple gold eye. On my lips, I wore a L’oreal lip liner in the shade 630 and a Clinique lipstick in the shade Beige Pop.


I didn’t have much I needed to take with me to prom so I just took this grey purse from Accessorize which went well with my colour palette despite it not being a colour on my dress.


For my shoes, I picked some rose gold barely there heels with a chunky heel from Office so I could last more of the night with them on. I only lasted a few hours in them but to be honest most of the girls were barefoot after a couple of hours and it did just add to the fun!


On my finger and toe nails I had Shellac which was done by my lovely auntie Ali. It was the first time I’ve had Shellac and I loved it because it looks pretty much the same as nail varnish but stays on wayyyy longer. I got a grey-purple shade with a topcoat of pink to make it more pink toned so it matched both my shoes and purse.


I wanted to keep my jewellery quite subtle and dainty so it didn’t distract from the dress but I still wanted to wear some to add little finishing touches to the outfit. On my ears I wore very small, 3mm gold balls from Claire’s in my thirds and some tiny, gold and diamond stars from Accessorize in my seconds. And then in my firsts some cool, oversized circle earrings in a rose gold colour to match my shoes. One day, my mum spotted this body chain which was really pretty but I was unsure about how it would go with the dress. But when I tried it on under my dress, the shape of the front fitted perfectly with the shape of the neckline and the chains at the back were just an extra detail.

Prom was a great night and I was so happy with all the parts of my outfit that I chose. I hope you enjoyed looking at all my prom photos and I’m now looking forward to my second prom in year 13!




  1. Christine Matthews July 19, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Really enjoyed reading this Libby and the photos are fab. Glad you had a good evening. You looked stunning! xx

  2. Tilly Rose July 26, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    You look so lovely! Hope you had the best time, my prom was so good. Such a lovely send off 💕

    • paisleyinprint
      July 31, 2017 / 2:03 pm

      Thank you so much, I loved your dress as well! Can’t wait for collage now! 😉 xx

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