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9 months ago, when I first started my blog, I wrote a post called ‘My Style Through The Years’ and although it’s not written particularly well, I still really like the concept of it. What I did was I found photos of me from the age of about 5 and had a look at how my style had changed over the years. The problem was that because I had chosen photos from such a wide span of time, my style changed so much it was difficult to compare. I went from 5 year old me in rah-rah skirts to 12 year old me trying to be fashionable! So, today I thought I would re-do the post with more recent photos.

I’m slightly worried about this post as I know it is going to consist of some pretty awful photos of me and after it’s up, I can’t take it back. But I’m going to go for it, why not make fun of my bad fashion choices and cringe poses on the internet?!

Also, I apologise for the bad quality photos and horrendous filters – most of the photos were taken one my iPad Mini so they’re not exactly ‘blog standard’.

This first photo is one that was taken when I was in year 7, so I was 12, for a magazine article. I was wearing my favourite outfit, a yellow skirt and blue and white stripy top from Zara – I still think it’s

quite cute.

Aw this one is my 13th birthday and I loved this outfit! I think the skirt and shirt are from Matalan and I actually had the underside of my hair dyed orange for my birthday – don’t ask me why, I thought it was cool.


So, this is where the horrible filters start but I remember stealing my friend Tilly’s skirt which I was obsessed with to take this photo. I don’t ever where skater skirts now because they’re not very flattering on me but I think it looks quite cute here although I’m not sure about the DIY Snoopy top! Also, how many bracelets have I got on?!

Hahaha I literally can’t believe how cringe this is but I chose it because I remember wearing this outfit and thinking I looked so cool! The dress and leather jacket isn’t too bad but the hat is quite tragic – I’ve not got it on properly and it did not go with the block fringe AT ALL.

I think this was kind of just me not really having a style so just wearing what everyone else was. I remember for a while, all my friends would basically wear the exact same thing and we would often end up having whole outfits the same.

I believe this may be the point when I decided I wanted to start wearing things that weren’t necessarily ‘in fashion’ (probably because the fashion was black leggings and a top – ew). These still aren’t outfits I would wear now but I like that I started to try out different things.

At this point, I think I was probably in year 9 and this is where I start to wear outfits I probably would wear now. I remember discovering Forever 21 and this dress was the first thing I bought and I was literally obsessed with it!

This photo is from my sisters 16th birthday party 2 years ago, and I’m wearing my favourite Topshop shirt at the time. This was also when I was really getting into makeup and I’m wearing a Mac lipstick and I would pretty much wear it whenever I could!

I chose this photo because I’m wearing the white shirt I wore pretty much every day that summer. It was a very good cover up and I still quite like the look it gives I just wore it wayyy too much!

I know you can’t really see what I’m wearing in this but I put it in anyway because it was when I first started to play around with jewellery and learn to love it! (Also, I’m wearing the white shirt I was talking about before).

Now, this is where I decide to grow out my block fringe which is quite a bold move for me as I’d had it since I first had hair so it was pretty dramatic for me! That’s also why I have slightly odd looking hair in the next few photos, because I didn’t really know what to do with it! I still have this Zara playsuit and I still love it although I now wear it a bit differently to how I did here.

This photo is from my 14th birthday and I’m wearing my Zara patterned trousers which I love but, again, wore way too much. At this point I think I definitely gave up with following trends as I wasn’t into what everyone else was wearing so I just went for it and whipped out the snazzy trousers.

This when I think I learnt to follow trends but also make them my own, for example, here I’m wearing mom jeans but I’ve paired with a pink coat to make it more ‘me’.

This is probably about a year and a bit ago now, and this is when my obsession with autumnal colours began with this River Island shirt and H&M skirt!

This I think is from about the same time as the previous photo and I love this outfit. I love the combination of the chunky jeans and dainty top!

This is the last photo I’m going to share with you as it was about a year ago and I feel like this is where I found the style I still have now! By this point, my fringe had completely grown out and I had my hair cut short – like it is now. Here I’m wearing last year’s Christmas dress which was from Zara.

Wow that was a long post! I love looking back at the fashion choices I made a few years ago and seeing how my style has developed, I would love to know how your styles have changed as well.




    • paisleyinprint
      January 11, 2017 / 10:10 pm

      Thank you xxxx

  1. Mia January 11, 2017 / 7:08 pm

    oh my gosh, I love this post! (and your blog, which I have only just found but must now follow) Your style is so cute, I love it!

    mia //

    • paisleyinprint
      January 11, 2017 / 10:12 pm

      Thank you so much! I love your blog too! xx

  2. Alys George January 12, 2017 / 10:46 am

    I can confirm that there was no embarrassing pictures in the slightest. It’s crazy to see how much you have grown up over the years!
    One thing for sure though, you have always had such a great style about you.
    I think the dainty white top and chunky jeans is definitely a favourite. I would definitely live in that outfit given half the chance!


  3. Tilly Rose January 18, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    What a nice post! I’m sure my outfits would have been very similar as we are of a similar age, so don’t you worry😂 Also where can I follow your blog?!x

    • paisleyinprint
      January 20, 2017 / 10:05 pm

      Thank you!! You can find me on Bloglovin or my Instagram and Twitter handles are @paisleyinprint xx

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