Summer wardrobe clear out

I’ve always liked the thought of passing on my clothes to new owners who would give the clothes I once loved, another life. Whenever my sister grew out of her clothes, they would be kept in the loft until I was big enough to fit into them and I was always excited to be able to wear the clothes that I had loved seeing her in before. Because of this, I was always quite happy to pass on my clothes when I grew out of them and see others loving them as much as I once did. I also liked giving friends clothes that I had fallen out of love with. Often it wasn’t that I thought the clothes were ugly – they just didn’t suit my style anymore so passing them on seemed the logical option.

When I recently discovered apps for selling your old clothes like Depop and Vinted, I wanted to get started right away and start making money from getting rid of my own clothes. But choosing the clothes to pass on proved a lot harder than I thought it would be. Over the past couple of months, my wardrobe has been slowly shrinking as I have been figuring out the art of being brutal but fair when it comes to wardrobe clear outs.

So today I thought I would share with you my tips for a wardrobe cleanse which will leave you with a wardrobe full of clothes you love and actually wear and a little extra money in your bank account!

All at once or bit by bit

I think that when it comes to wardrobe clear-outs, there are two types of people; the ‘do it all in one day’ people and the ‘do it when I have time, bit by bit’ people. I prefer to set aside a whole afternoon or day (depending on how much I have to sort out) and just get it all done in one go. However, some people find big tasks daunting and end up procrastinating so, if you are one of those people, you may prefer to split your wardrobe up into sections and go through it in smaller chunks.


Organised mess

Start by taking absolutely everything out of your wardrobe then go through the pile one piece at a time. For items you know you are definitely keeping, put them straight back into the wardrobe. Anything you don’t straight away know you’re keeping, set it aside and start a pile of things to try on and decide if you want to keep. Then have another pile of items you know you definitely don’t want to keep.


Have you worn it in the last 6 months?

The likelihood is that if you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months then, unless you forgot you had it, you probably won’t reach for it again so get rid of it to clear space for pieces you actually love.


Will you wear it now you’ve remembered you had it?

If you did forget you had something, was it because you don’t really like it or did it just get lost in the back of your wardrobe? If you think you still like it then move it to the front of your wardrobe and see if you reach for it in the next week or so.


Does it still fit?

Even if you love it, there’s no point in keeping it if its unflattering and uncomfortable.


If you saw it in a shop, would you buy it?

If you want to end up with a better wardrobe with clothes you love then sell any that you wouldn’t buy again so you can buy new clothes which you love even more.


Do you have something similar, do you need both?

Do you really need all 4 black tees? Getting rid of similar clothes will make space for more different pieces which will keep your wardrobe fun and interesting.


Do you know somebody who would love it more than you do?

If you know one of your friends would love that pinstripe shirt and you’re a bit bored of it now, then give it away to a better home and maybe even see if they have something in their wardrobe you can swap it with.


Are you keeping it for its sentimental value?

If you’re keeping something for the memories rather than to wear then maybe store it in a memory box or in the loft rather than it taking up space in your wardrobe.


Don’t forget!

– anything you can bear to part with will make you money to put towards new clothes which you love even more

– if you’re unsure whether or not to get rid of something then just post it to Depop or Vinted anyway because things don’t usually sell straight away so you can always take them down if you decide not to get rid of it

– it’s quality over quantity; don’t be scared of your wardrobe looking empty after your clear out. It will leave you with a smaller collection of clothes which you actually want to wear and you will be able to refill it using any money you make from selling your old clothes!


I hope this post has been useful and has maybe motivated you to have a wardrobe clear out and make some money from selling your old clothes!


If you want to see the clothes that I’m selling then head over to my Depop or Vinted account:

Depop –

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  1. Camila July 27, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    Incredible post, it has made me want to clean out my closet!!


    • paisleyinprint
      July 28, 2017 / 8:10 pm

      thank you! xx

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