Top 5: Essie Nail Polish

Essie nail polishes are, in my opinion, the best available on the high street! They are opaque, glossy, long lasting and great value for money with most being around £8.00. There is a huge colour range with everything from dark blue to pastel pink, gloss to glitter finish!
I am soo bad at chipping my nails but Essie is the only brand whose nail varnish lasts more than a couple of days. They also come with the perfect sized brush! So, I’ve gone through my collection and narrowed it down to my top 5!
Cocktail Bling
This is a beautiful bold grey that is perfect for everyday wearing. I put this one in my top 5 because it is so versatile and goes with so many different outfits! It is my go-to polish when I want something that will work with multiple occasions and outfits. If you’re in a rush, one layer looks great or, if you have more time, two layers gives it a more professional look.
Bahama Mama
This is the nail varnish I lived in through Autumn and Winter (I got through two bottles!). It’s a lovely warm, rich, creamy deep plum and my perfect purple shade. It would look great on all skin tones however it does require two coats to get an even opaque colour.


Buy Me A Cameo
This is my favourite nail varnish at the moment and the one I reach for every Friday night when I paint my nails. It’s a beautiful, sophisticated, satin, dark pearl polish. It is so versatile and I wear it whether I am out shopping or going for dinner. Love it!




Forever Yummy
This is my ideal true red that goes perfectly with my pale skin. Pure red is such an iconic nail colour but there is no one red that works for every skin tone. This red is slightly pink toned but looks like a bold red when on your nails. This varnish also gives best results when it has two coats and is applied carefully.


Sand Tropez
This is the perfect understated sandy beige perfect for finger and toe nails! It’s a great natural colour for wearing to school or work or if you want to keep your nails simple. If you want a sophisticated pastel, this is the colour for you! It is also perfect if you’re in a rush as only one layer is needed for great effect. I feel like this colour might not work on all skin tones however there are similar colours available if this is the case!






  1. Polly Spragg March 21, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    The shade Buy Me a Cameo looks soo nice!!

  2. Libby Loves March 21, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    It is my favourite! I highly recommend it!

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