What I Wore: Concert

On Monday evening, I saw Years&Years at the BIC and they were amazing! I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical when I booked the tickets because once I had listened to the album, I just wasn’t sure how they were going to make it exciting on stage. But I was so wrong!

To start the evening, my friend and I went for dinner at Wagamamma which was delicious (as always). We then went to the concert that began with the first support act ‘Mabel’ who I hadn’t heard of before but was very good despite the fact she is only 19. MO then followed and she was fantastic (you’ve probably heard her song ‘Lean On’ with Major Lazer). I loved her performance, she was so interesting to watch because you could tell she loves music.
Years&Years were then on and it was the most fun I had in ages. I was standing for the first time and the atmosphere was electric, I now never want to sit at a concert again! The main singer (Olly) was hilarious and despite not knowing many of the words from their songs, I was able to pick them up easily. The stage show was also fantastic with strobe lighting and lots of lazers, I would 100% recommend seeing them in concert!
I wore this white crape bardot top with my new Topshop jeans and converse.
 IMG_6924 edit
IMG_6917 edit
I decided to keep it simple with the make up because, well obviously, it was dark. I chose a pink matte lip so I didn’t have to keep touching it up during the night.
IMG_6862 edit IMG_6866 edit
This was a perfect top to wear for a concert because it is very light so you don’t get too sweaty!
IMG_6879 edit IMG_6890 edit I wore my new loose fitting jeans which were slightly too warm but not too bad.
IMG_6903 edit
I definitely went for comfort with my choice of footwear, which I sure did thank myself for at the end of the night (I’m not sure I would have lasted the whole night in heels).
IMG_6904 edit


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